Your Florida Dealer License can be the master key of your successful retail auto business. We can get you set up with your own wholesale-retail Florida Used Car Dealer License in as little as 21 days. Enjoy Low start-up costs and affordable office rent. Be able to issue your own 30 Day temp tags. Get nationwide wholesale dealer auction access as well as qualify for floor planning (lender inventory financing).  You will have your own plates in your own dealership name. We offer Buy Here Pay Here License consultant services as well.

florida dealer license consultant service

We have DMV approved locations all around Florida State.


$6999 Florida Dealer License >Basic  – minimum Insurance/Bond

$7999 Florida Dealer License >Plus – Full year Insurance/Bond

$9999 Florida Dealer License >Platinum – “Buy Here Pay Here License” plus your own standalone Transport Company LLC set-up. With this LLC, you can produce  any amount of Metal Transporter plates to support your business

Now you are ready to do your own thing..
no more being on another Dealer’s auction access account..
You are ready for your own ….
Become a bonafide Used Car Dealer with your own Florida Dealer License...

>>> Click here for Florida Used  Car Dealer License Requirement complete check list<<<

Business Entity Formation

Give us your chosen company name and we will prepare documents to establish your CORP/LLC, obtain your FEIN and State Tax ID. We will file all necessary documents on your behalf.

Dealer Application Processing

Compile, prepare and submit dealer application packet to the appropriate authorities at the Board of Used Car Dealers. We take care of pre-licensing education course too. We set up Prepaid fingerprinting appointment.

Florida Dealer License is your most powerful tool...

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Dealer Office/Warehouse

We procure for you, a month to month lease in location of your choice (a few to choose from). You can be in north Florida, in Miami… or a location in between. These will be approved zones warehouse/offices to hold at least 2 vehicles as required by Florida DMV. This includes all necessary business signage, and telephone number. We are there to meet with state inspectors for on-site pre-licensing inspection and dealer plates/registration acquisition

Bonding & Licensing Setup

We coordinate with you to obtain Florida state required dealer surety bond and garage liability insurance at the lowest rates. You will 1-4 Metal Dealer plates based on your insurance bond policy (s). You can figure on $600 to $2400 per year for insurance costs. If your credit score is under 680 you will pay substantially more (because your surety bond insurance premiums will be more). This is a must have, for your Florida Dealer License. Check your credit score for free here.

Dealer Auction Set Up

We register your Dealership with Auction Access as well as Manheim and Adesa Dealer auctions. We show you how to register with any Dealer Auction in the country.

Coaching & Support

Coaching and business support is always available to you. Your own Florida Used Car Dealer License- gives you all the flexibility and control that you need.

The cost for our Basic complete service (Florida Dealer License Consulting) is $6999:

Dealership corporation set up and LLC
Business Insurance
Surety bond
Cert of occupancy
*Facility (lease)
Office set-up

*We generally have several units on hand (Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami), but we will work with you to find a suitable facility that is zoned and meets all Florida DMV requirements.

florida dealer license only $9999

buy cars wholesale and re-sale for retail

The Benefits of Having your own Dealer License

You will own your own Dealership. You are the boss, and this comes with tax benefits. You are able to expense anything associated with running your business. Your biggest expense will be your rent and insurance, obviously. But then you have all of your cars, expense on any financing and loans. Other expenses you can “write off” includes storage fees, gas, towing, repairs, marketing/advertising etc. The obvious huge benefit of having your own Dealer License is the ability to get into any Dealer auctions around the country.

Many Dealers shop at auction access partner auctions like Manheim and Adesa, etc. You will also be ale to buy directly from other dealers and private (non-public) marketplaces. Most local auctions are free to register with if you have a license and tax ID number.

florida dealer license complete setup

we give you a website too

You won’t even feel like a Dealer without your own dealer plates. Having your own Dealership plates is a huge benefit and a “perk”. Dealer plates allow you to take customers out on the open road for customer test-drives. Having your own dealer plates allows you to drive a vehicle (demo) around until you decide to sell it. As a Dealer, you don’t actually have to register your vehicles. Slap on a plate a drive.

If you have your own Florida Dealer License, you can qualify for loans and financing for your dealership and customers. Many banks are eager to lend you money and the first thing they will ask you  for is your license number. Loans to build up your inventory are called “Floor Plans” in the car industry lingo, These are short term loans that are payable in 30, 60 or 90 days. Generally you can expect to pay $1.75-$3.00 per day to borrow money in this fashion.

As a Dealership with your own license, you no longer have limits on how many cars you can buy and sell per year, ever! Buy and sell in and out of state. Check you local regulations, but as a licensed dealer you can usually buy and ship cars in and out of state with no problem.

Keep more money in your accounts, never pay sales tax on any Dealership business transactions. You can buy a car from the auctions  or a private owner tax free baby!  You don’t have to register cars into your name before you sell them either.

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